Plenary Session #1

The Social Construction of New Labour Markets. The Institutional Perspective

Plenary Session #2

The Role of Education and Training in the Social Construction of Skills and Occupations

Plenary Session #3

The Role of Industrial Relations in the Construction of New Labour Markets

High-Level Panel

Learning From the Master: A Dialogue between Established Academics and Early-Career Researchers on Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Workshop #1

Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining in Challenging and New Labour Markets

Workshop #2

Platform Work and New Forms of Representation

Workshop #3

Rethinking Working Spaces. From the Metaverse to the New Urban Settings

Workshop #4

Work, Poverty, Vulnerability

Workshop #5 The Transformation of Work and the Social Construction of Labour Markets
Workshop #6

The Transformation of Work and Collective Bargaining

Workshop #7

Technology, Innovations, Safeguards

Workshop #8

Dignity and Fairness in the Labour Market: The Minimum Wage Issue

Workshop #9

The Impact of Digitalisation on Local Labour Markets and Workers’ Rights

Workshop #10

Welfare, Work-Life Balance and Inclusion: Traditional and New Challenges

Workshop #11

Digitalisation, Automation: Developing New Normal Labour Markets and IR Systems

Workshop #12

Training and Employment Policies

Workshop #13

Work Transformation: New Risks and New Protections

Workshop #14

Active Labour Market Policies: Institutions, Governance and Methods