ADAPT’s 2021 international conference intends to examine the paradoxes of the current labour market, trying to deconstruct them in order to rethink the value of work. Through new legal, economic and sociological categories that go beyond linear and conceptual juxtapositions, an attempt will be made to bring to the fore the economic and welfare dimension, which appears to be more apt to define today’s meaning of work.

Since 2009, ADAPT has committed to increasing the awareness that the fundamental principles of labour law have been challenged by major changes not only in technology and the economy, but also in demography and the environment. Hence the need to safeguard people who are in employment and to regulate economic and productive processes, in order to strike a balance between social justice and business competitiveness.

ADAPT’s International School of Higher Education in Labour Law and Industrial Relations invites professors, researchers, graduate students, professionals and those who have an interest in the conference topics to provide their contribution.

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