W1_Working Poor, Low-Paid Work, Care Work and Unproductive Work

W2_Comparisons in Decentralised Bargaining: towards New Relations between Trade Unions and Works Councils?

W3_Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue for an Economy and a Society “4.0”.A Spotlight on Digital Skills and Remote Work


W4_The Idea of Work Today and in History. Origins, Developments and Future prospects

W5_Man and the Machine: Complementarity or Conflict?

W6_Occupational Health: Developments, Risks and Skills

W7_Work and Works, Gender Issues and Diversity

W8_Session_1_Fake and New Forms of Representation

W8_Session_2_Fake and New Forms of Representation

W9_Measuring the Economic Val-ue of Work:Job Classification Systems, Fair Wage, Certifi-cates, Pay